Thank you for visiting the Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club website. The consequences and repercussions of November 8, 2016 are just beginning. They are not good. An administration of the inexperienced, unqualified, and extremist fringe have takenover the American government. Their attempt to cash in on government service and to roll back a half century of progress is gaining steam.

This website, like the EHTDC, is dedicated to maintaining and expanding the rights and privileges of American citizenship at the local, state, and national levels. Please come to our monthly meetings, which are listed under Events.

EHTDC is officially an Indivisible Group, and is active is organizing resistance to radical right’s agenda. Click on the “Indivisible” link for an explanation of that topic. Protests and other acts of resistance will be posted as they occur. Many resistance groups are springing up throughout South Jersey. Please let us know of your group so that we may begin coordinating our efforts.

The 2017 election this November will be a historic test of the our resistance to the radical rightwing Republican/Trump agenda. Only New Jersey and Virginia will be hold gubernatorial elections. All the members of New Jersey’s Assembly, as well as many State Senators, will also be on the ballot. This is our opportunity to rollback the Trump assault on electoral decency and civility. It’s a practice for taking back Congress in 2018. Join us in the grassroots efforts to restore what a Republican government is taking from us!

Please join us!

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